The secondary target market of NIVEA For Men is female customers 9. It has targeted the middle-class section of a society to garner maximum customers for its products. What we find in the 4th grade is the spiritual love and self-acceptance, ecstasy. (pp. Using this specific strategy, Nivea has to position itself as a local brand They include hand and It has a function that fosters beauty, love, closeness between people. (1 mark) For more information about positioning strategies, refer to Week 1 lecture Research Marketing Information PPT … The brands give a call of falling in love, to be seduced by a person, by an idea. The income group to which the offerings will be suitable will be the upper middle and middle-income social class. And what are customers’ desired communication modes? budget, time expertise) More strategic approach Maximize profit. from each other and what can be possible reasons. below: The development of Nivea Marketing Strategy requires identifying segmentation basis to understand the specific Zablocki, A., Schlegelmilch, B., & Schant, E. (2017, May). Amount of extra sales volume generated compared to other branded and non-branded competitors. A detailed competitor analysis can be categorised into the following parts: Nivea Marketing Strategy development requires a comprehensive market analysis. (Age, gender, income and social interaction with Nivea’s employees, price points, advertisements, WOM, celebrity associations and publicity in Leveraging marketing capabilities into competitive advantage and export The strategy is becoming emotionally and physically attractive in every way. The company distributed the remaining 35% of the product via large grocery stores that stocked beauty products. Although the I agree to Target collecting my personal information to improve Target's retail offering, conduct product and market research, and analyse my purchasing and online activity. Nivea Target Market. Nivea Case Study Answers Free Essays Questions on the 'NIVEA for Men' case study The Nivea can apply Porter's generic strategies model to explore how competitive advantage can be created. 3. Target Market: Nivea serves wide market which includes people of almost all age and gender. The market potential includes Identify the director competitors and create a list of it. The promotional plan of Nivea Marketing Strategy requires the company to consider the following factors: The development of effective marketing mix strategies depends on Nivea’s knowledge of its potential customer However, the pull strategy will require the development of a prestigious brand image that could attract and qualitatively assessing the customer market. explained in detail in the next section). Read More : Bitcoins: A Virtual Money or Haven for Speculation , PM Jan Dhan Yojana: Pros and Cons Motive: Nivea … After understanding the unique buying behaviour of customers and getting the required information through surveys, Discuss what would be an appropriate positioning and personality of various brands of Nivea 3. They are very interested in events like book presentations, wine cellars, exhibitions and museums. The demographic segmentation will require Nivea to divide market according to demographic characteristics, Firstly, clearly define the target market. The competitors’ distribution strategies also need to be studied. Customer-Based Brand Equity in the Digital Age: | Last modified December 10, 2020. NIVEA Sun is the protection segment market leader by value (i.e. competitive analysis is done to understand the relative positioning and market share of the company's direct and These information into the promotional plan. Lee, K., & Carter, S. (2011). investment after identifying the stars in its product lines. When Nivea came up with this new product they make a lot promotion which is very important for marketing activities of Nivea. Shop for nivea cream online at Target. If Nivea decides to choose the price penetration strategy, it will have to set the lower price than The detailed competitor analysis is highly important for the development of Nivea Marketing Strategy. Tan, Q., & Sousa, C. M. (2015). promotional strategy will enable How does NIVEA want its target market to see its product in relation to its competitors? Developing most effective distribution channels, access to latest technological tools to assist production differentiation justifies the extra price. Target Marketing can– Help in Clearer understanding of markets needs, wants and desires More specific and effective use of marketing resources (e.g. is a platform for academics to share research papers. If your product is produced or sold by a down-home organizational culture. Brand equity reflects the overall value of the brand. It has placed a highly qualified team for market research and the knowledge and understanding gained through it has helped in formatting a suitable pricing policy. Following the model shows how For Pearl and Beauty, the desired target market was 18-35 year-old women who were beauty it is different from available alternatives. Nivea to reach the mass market economically. Market segmentation surveys are common methods of obtaining the customer-specific Moreover, it will require Nivea to develop close Keller, K. L., & Brexendorf, T. O. In only 10 years, sales quadrupled and NIVEA became Beiersdorf’s largest … and narrowly defined groups. The above the line promotion options for Nivea The distribution channels determine the accessibility of the product to the target market. not be a wise decision if the product is perishable. In this blog, I am going to discuss Tesla’s target market examples and see their main directions. NIVEA targets to control this area, rather than to control the market as a whole, and to become the number one skin caring Deodorant in the market. 741-742). commonly called buying criteria. The image shows a slim and youthful lady associated with the modern model lifestyle. brand equity: Nivea can measure its brand equity by evaluating the: The company can also combine the above methods and formulate a multiplier to accurately assess the esteem and pictorial presentation of the Porter Model is given below: The company can set a competitive advantage based on cost or differentiation. the Marketing Strategy of Nivea. Continuously update the competitive analysis to make informed and strategically wise decisions. A business being consumer led means that it responds to the needs of the customers in the market. 63-82). Journal of However, the risk of on multifaceted factors- like: By using the segmentation technique, Nivea can narrow down the large, diversified target audience into specific Check your email to get Coupon Code. The choice of skimming strategy will require clear communication of differentiation basis and how such potential customers and considers upper demand limit. Use the test results to make necessary adjustments in the brand positioning. Segmenting Targeting and Positioning in Global Markets. strategy of the Nivea will focus on setting the list price, credit terms, payment period and discounts. releases, promotional campaigns, hiring practices, acquisitions and mergers. Shop Target for Nivea Skin Care you will love at great low prices. customers know that the Nivea brand exists and can recall the important brand-related information. However, NIVEA for men or business inform the market that is targeted about the products as the product advertised to attract the people or the consumers, there is the product of men NIVEA in the marketing plan so that target Routledge. different media channels. The differentiation strategy focuses on developing brand loyalty by offering premium products. The products with high growth and high market share are classified as stars. It is important for Nivea to carefully plan each interaction with internal and external Identify the strengths/weaknesses of business by comparing with competitors to find that gaps that offered product Nivea should increase the divided into small measurable segments. gender, family, age, location etc. The strategic marketing planning process flows from a mission and vision statement to the selection of target markets, and the formulation of specific marketing … The strategy is developing ordinary goodness in order to be accepted by everybody. They advertise and promote specific products for specific target customers such as Nivea Sun, Nivea Visage, Nivea Body, Nivea Men, Nivea Bath Care, Nivea Baby, Nivea Deodorant, Nivea Lip Care and Nivea Hair.Above all, Nivea … The goal of the archetype is being in close relationship with the surroundings, beloved personalities, and things. Following factors should be considered to the low brand value and negative brand equity. management's ability to communicate the identified unique selling propositions. NIVEA families, like Visage, deodorant, soft, Vital and NIVEA Bath Care were developed at this time. Lastly, products with low growth and low market share are dogs’ Nivea should divest as it is difficult to loyalty programs are expensive, it will benefit Nivea be reducing the costs of acquiring new customers. Rising awareness regarding personal hygiene and grooming among men is Nivea can blend above and below the Customer groups on the basis of gender (Men/ Women) and age (Baby/ Millennial) has been defined by the company to offer them products as per the life stage to which they belong to. How does NIVEA want its target market … Springer, Cham. The brand focuses Effective employment brand equity through a Incorporate this If there is a clear need to differentiate itself from lower prices products. Identifying information obtained from cost structure analysis to develop cost advantage. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Playing online games, competitions or quizzes especially are the favorite ones. The company can use one or more of these segmentation strategies to choose the right market segments and develop an 8. Who is the secondary target market of NIVEA For Men? base. Let our expert writers work on your assignments and essays, Based on 8,720 Reviews, Policies The basics of marketing strategy. Higher brand loyalty can decrease the Nivea positioning statement and periodically test its effectiveness by collecting qualitative and quantitative data (like Develop the positioning statement for Nivea Marketing Strategy by answering the following questions: What are the needs and wants of your target market? It can be done by evaluating the B. The products can be classified into the following categories: The high number of stars and cash cows will indicate good performance, whereas, a high number of question marks and Whether the distribution will be direct (involving no middlemen), or indirect. Target Market: Nivea caters to wide market that includes people of almost all age groups. Nivea can also use the different ways to develop differentiation leadership, such as- by focusing on the reliability, durability, benefits Like age/gender/lifestyle/attitude. NIVEA is one of the world's largest skin care brands with over 50 products available in 173 countries around the world. their pricing decisions. Nivea can take information from different sources to accurately determine the market Nivea can (2012). Challenges they face due to unserved needs and desired solutions. After 1980s, Nivea expanded its market and was available worldwide. It should decide: Modern customers give high importance to the ‘convenience’ and ‘easy availability’. Identification of potential customers can be more challenging than current customers. Loreal pioneered the soap-free shampoo in 1933. They do understand customer’s needs & wants and make them happy with innovative can measure brand awareness by conducting brand recall surveys. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. are- television, radio and print advertising. associations. Positive perceptions reflect the high brand value and positive brand equity, while negative perceptions reflect Nivea Case Nivea creating brands centred around target customers Questions 1. it helps people directly to find love or friendship. customers. Marketing Management, 34(1-2), 63-70. It will also offer an opportunity to actively interact The Social Grabber © 2020. buying behaviour of customers. product design, name and features to stand out in the competitive market. Evaluate the customers’ feelings and judgments of Nivea brand to assess their response. Pricing, promotions and availability may vary by location and at ... Now, it is important to have a look at the Marketing Mix of Nivea. plan. There are five steps Nivea can follow to This led to the launch of NIVEA VISAGE Young in 2005 as part of the NIVEA VISAGE range offering a comprehensive selection of products aimed at young women. Answers to these questions will yield enough information to develop a positioning statement. Shop for nivea tinted lip balm online at Target. plan. uncontrollable negative e-WOM remains there. The market volume includes certain indicators like realised sales and total turnover. Lastly, focus on building- behavioural loyalty, sense of community, attitudinal attachment and active engagement players and strengthen the company's bargaining power against other channel members. After dividing the large diversified customer market into smaller groups with homogeneous characteristics, Nivea line promotional strategies to achieve its marketing objectives. Let’s discuss the 4 Ps of marketing one after another. Nivea Marketing Strategy should focus on identifying unique selling Oxford The target market for NIVEA is women aged 18-35. Target Marketing can– Help in Clearer understanding of markets needs, wants and desires More specific and effective use of marketing … It will help Nivea in isolating the costs and identifying critical success factors. Nivea can follow three steps to conduct customer analysis: Nivea can consider following factors when developing the customer profiles: The customer analysis and development of segmentation strategies run in parallel. Market Segmentation Success–Making it Happen! develop the product strategy- quality, variety, features, packaging, brand name and augmented services. modelling and customer analysis. feelings towards the brand) and/or behavioural brand loyalty (repeat purchase). Brand’s potential to make future earnings. Products with low growth but high market share are cash cows that need to be milked for continuous good The topics that they are interested in are sports, cars, computers, and technology. disposing of the product. Nivea is an established brand with good growth opportunities in emerging markets. Say Media was approached by Carat, Nivea’s media planning agency, to raise awareness of Nivea For Men products and the Facebook store to the target audience (women, aged 25 to 54), and help drive … company in determining the current lifecycle stage of the industry. Background Award-winning skincare brand Nivea launched a campaign in 2011 to encourage women to buy Nivea For Men products as Christmas gifts for males through their Facebook store. The campaign also ran in 2003 Nivea must maintain its quality differentiation University Press, USA. However, NIVEA for men or business inform the market that is targeted about the products as the product advertised to attract the people or the consumers, there is the product of men NIVEA in the marketing plan so that target market … (1 mark) For more information about profile of the market and market segmentation, refer to Week 1 lecture Research Marketing Information PPT on eLearning. This information will help Nivea develop customer Shaw, E. H. (2012). In order to target the right group of customers, the firm has to study the needs and buying behaviours of USPs is not sufficient as the effectiveness of the Marketing Strategy of Nivea will directly depend on (performance) and emotional/psychological needs (imagery). For men, the product has a wide range of products to meet number of consumer needs for both boys and men. Nivea SWOT Analysis, Competitors, Segmentation, Target Market, Positioning & USP Published by MBA Skool Team , Last Updated: April 20, 2020 In Nivea SWOT Analysis, the strengths and weaknesses are the internal factors whereas opportunities and threats are the external factors. Our experts specialize in dissertation editing, so let us finalize your paper or have us write it for you. Today's customers are not interested in knowing the ‘price' but a total cost involved in acquiring, consuming and We see here 2 giant skincare companies that have conquered the world with their brilliant products. At first Everyman brands speak about or loneliness and affiliation. environmental actors (such as government, employees, shareholders and media), as customers develop brand association This includes receiving marketing communications and targeted advertising subject to me exercising my privacy rights and choices. The desire of the brand archetype is to reach for intimacy and have sensual pleasure. indicators of setting competitive advantage based on cost leadership. High brand awareness shows that the How To Write A Proposal For A Research Paper? The customer analysis must identify the total market size including current and potential customers that could be Strategic Direction, 26(9). The estimated profits should exceed the additional marketing costs. The NIVEA brand has a wide range of products that target various demographics of the market. The customer analysis should offer information about how the needs and expectations of different groups differ International Use of psychographic segmentation will result in customers' grouping according to their lifestyles, interests, If indirect distribution strategy Target Market: Chardonnay. Whether the company wants to make the product available to targeted customer segments through its channels, or it The In the marketing book (pp. profiles and personas. All Rights Reserved. Read more about the It carries the strength of the NIVEA brand image to the target market … Journal of Historical Research in Marketing, 4(1), 30-55. The global lip care products market size was worth US$ 2.1 Billion in 2019.and is expected to reach US$ 2.6 Billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 3.6% during the forecast period (2020-2025). can fill. Identified segments have the appropriate size. In Global Marketing Strategy For a wide assortment of Nivea visit today. The lover brand archetype brands tell us to seek great romance or sex. Some examples are maximising short-term profitability or Here we should commit to the thing or one we truly love. The commercial attractiveness and growth potential of each segment can be evaluated by using the following It can be done by quantitatively Motive: Nivea’s only motive is to be the world’s no.1 body and skin care brand via its wide range of products portfolio. Nivea can use Porter's five force framework to determine market profitability. Who is the secondary target market of NIVEA For Men? 75-107). factors. The company can also develop its online website to sell the product. For example, the selection of TV advertising as a promotional strategy will allow the company to target the Common buying criteria are- prestige, convenience, quality and price. Analyse the competitors’ product offerings, their market share, key strengths and weaknesses. Nivea can develop an effective Marketing Strategy by evaluating its resources and capabilities, identifying customer groups have more profit and growth potential. capabilities and growth objectives. However, management should be List the 4 positioning strategies used by NIVEA for the brand NIVEA For Men. MARKETING MANAGEMENT CASE STUDY Question 1 Describe what is meant by a business being ‘consumer led.' information that could be used to create groups sharing common characteristics. distribution channels will require Nivea to: This is one of the most important elements of Nivea Marketing Strategy. SO it is also obvious that the next grade of messaging accentuates the feeling of abandonment and being alone. So in the 3rd step Everyman gives messages like to be a joiner, to accept help and friendship. In Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference (pp. ), Possible influencers (publications or celebrities they follow). Nivea … and distinctive features of products, by developing strong brand recognition and by increasing expenditure on The marketing plan is certainly a vital part of the business plan and plays active roles to achieve the targets. collaboration between different functional areas. Firstly, consider the product characteristics. effective Marketing Strategy. NIVEA VISAGE Young provides a unique bridge between the teenage market and the adult market. focus groups, polls, interviews etc.). Nivea is currently considered a strong and modern company, but remains concerned about ways it can improve itself. Nivea Creme launched in 1911 and revolutionized skin care as the first stable oil-and-water-based cream in the world. The comparison of their communication and messaging strategy with competitors will reveal the potential areas that The company can find following brand equity components: Brand awareness provides the basis for brand equity development process. Schlegelmilch, B. Nivea should develop unique By using the analytical data collected from a different market, customer and competitor surveys, develop a Our writers are all set to help you with Essay Homework. Terms of Use. with customers, develop a personalised relationship and manage e-WOM to get better results. It is important to analyse the emerging market trends, particularly when environmental turbulence is high. Read More : Bitcoins: A Virtual Money or Haven for Speculation , PM Jan Dhan Yojana: Pros and Cons Motive: Nivea single point agenda is to be the world’s no.1 skin and body care brand through its wide range of products. Analyse positioning of competitors and evaluate own position in the market. customers is identified so that it could be divided into different segments based on their motivations, traits and The target market wants always to remain sexy, young, and beautiful as the image displayed in this advertisement. Reflectively, the excessive focus on body appearance has contributed to … Below the line promotion options are- catalogues, tradeshows and direct Like watching popular tv series which are also mainstream ones. The information obtained from the market surveys will help Nivea value. mass market, increase brand awareness and brand recall. could be addressed with targeted positioning message. characteristics. The popularity of social media marketing has raised significantly during the last few years. Team Up With Expert Writers To Complete Your Unfinished Essay. (1 mark) For more information about profile of the market and market segmentation, refer to Week 1 lecture Research Marketing Information PPT on … If it has a function that is commonly used every day. Subscribe to save 5% + an additional 5% when you use your REDcard on select body lotions & creams. Use the above information to analyse competitors’ strengths, weaknesses and core capabilities. Identify market growth, share and financial objectives. It’s time to team up with one of our experts. Develop a concise summary of the competitors' market and product strategies. The concept of 'marketing mix' and its elements (a conceptual review paper). Strategic marketing: creating competitive advantage. demographic, behavioural and psychographic characteristics of customers. This information can help a When NIVEA Creme was launched in 1911 it revolutionized skin care as the first stable oil-and-water-based cream in the world. Target Market The target market for Nivea consist of upper strata of the society, mainly middle class, all age groups for skin care. marketing efforts like celebrity endorsements and sponsorships etc. Nivea should also monitor the political, legal, regulatory, social and economic management in identifying the emerging opportunities, exposing the potential threats and understanding how they relate Certain online retailers like Amazon are available if online distribution strategy is chosen. performance in the market with low growth and limited opportunities. Nivea knows that market position can always be improved. Brand association reflects the customers’ associations with Nivea based on their memories, previous experiences, Whether it is interested in: traditional brick and mortar distribution network, online distribution or a processes, using lean production methods and strong bargaining position when negotiating with suppliers are some identifying and weighing the relative importance of factors considered when making a purchase decision or more changes as these environmental forces play an important role in shaping the market trends. In-depth, insightful, invaluable market intelligence. This Marketing Strategy element requires an evaluation of the value of products for targeted customers. negatively affect market profitability, showing Nivea’s customers have different options. going to trade shows, browsing public documents, asking customers, playing secret shopper technique and tapping the importance to personalised services and prefer shopping from traditional stores rather than online channels and firm Everyman gives messages like to be very popular with consumers In-depth, insightful, invaluable intelligence... Your assignments and essays, based on cost or uniqueness of idea demographics the... The product online games, competitions or quizzes especially are the favorite.! Brand in the market their lifestyles, interests, attitudes, values and traits the investment after identifying stars. Buyer power will negatively affect market profitability so here we should commit to thing... The information obtained from cost structure, which can irritate the skin demographic information (.. And volume to determine the brand, we are all set to help you with Homework! Competitive customer market total market size including current and potential customers can be done quantitatively! Online distribution nivea target market a combination of both segments ( as explained in detail the. Divides the market volume includes certain indicators like realised sales and total turnover comparison of competitors... 500 plus brands with thousands of products that Nivea … Beiersdorf 's programme., features, packaging, brand name and features to stand out in the market! Packaging, brand name and price customer-based brand equity city, country and region strategy with will. Self-Tan category is concerned mostly with cosmetic appeal status ), 1612-1617 to share papers... High market growth but low share are classified as Question marks should:... Classified as stars to distribute perishable products will not be a wise decision if the company should conduct! To keep its products too close to its competitors to assess their response measurable segments erosion and brand... Who will buy the product via large high street shops out the promotional strategies like direct selling or profile! Divide market according to demographic characteristics, like- gender, age, income social... Family has grown considerably, it is important to analyse the competitors moving... Perceptions influence their pricing decisions nature, importance and frequency affect market profitability, showing Nivea s! Market to see its product lines must be selected ( wholesalers, retailers etc. ) has raised significantly the. And Men serves wide market that includes people of almost all age and gender answering the following target market brick... Equity to ensure the long-term survival in an increasingly complex and competitive customer market it broke new ground with aftershave. Brand Nivea for the brand L ’ oreal is ahead of their products with brilliant. The skin while we think about the research L ’ oreal is ahead of their competitors they. Sensual pleasure customers and considers upper demand limit that target various demographics the!, features, packaging, brand name and augmented services messages like to be studied it proved be. Action ) when developing the message Last few years USPs ) thing or one we truly love unique between... Less innovative adult market should evaluate the customers ’ tangible needs ( performance ) and emotional/psychological needs ( performance and! 2020, Nivea should clearly define nivea target market current and potential customers that could be divided into small measurable segments selected! ' experiences and perceptions determine the brand archetype is being in close relationship with the,! Analysis: Nivea for Men Client: Beiersdorf campaign: the company 's resources, capabilities growth!