100 Proof . New Amsterdam vodka is smooth, especially for the price. Genever starts out, as scotch does, as a multiday, fermented mash. ... Low-quality 'Compound Gins' are made by simply mixing the base spirit with juniper and botanical extracts. Fruity with crisp citrus flavor and light hints of juniper. Availability: 6 in stock. One such club in Rangoon was dubbed Pegu Club, and this mix of gin, Cointreau, lime juice and bitters was first served within its walls. Together with you gin lovers who seize the day and enjoy life to the fullest. Because the best DAM moments deserve to be celebrated with the best DAM gin. LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more beer, booze, cigar, … Sure it doesn’t have a fancy label from an artisanal producer, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good. 2 in stock. The mash is distilled to create a neutral spirit, then distilled again with botanicals like juniper. Thanks for signing up! Our dream is to spread the Amsterdam pride all over the world. I’d like to dispel that notion first and foremost. The discussion around New Amsterdam Gin on the internet seems to be alike “gin snobs don’t like it because of its citrus-forward approach. United States: Over the past decades, gin has gone from pariah to celebrity in the U.S., and it has been a major driver of the craft distillery boom. New Amsterdam Gin $ 10.99. Gimlet: Even the gin averse can appreciate this sweet, citrusy classic. If you have any questions we are always by the phone like always, just give us a ring! ! It's a story that celebrates what's next. Once distilled and infused, the gin is typically diluted down. After reading the reviews here and on other sites, I think I understand why this vodka is so divisive. To the delight of New York Jets fans, New Amsterdam Spirits announced a sponsorship deal in October of 2011. London Dry: Heavy on the juniper and citrus, London Dry gins are the closest thing gin has to an industry standard. The Stratosphere is the new one and it's a true London Dry gin. Examples: Bols, Boomsma and Diep9. Size: 1.75 L. Proof: 80.0. New Amsterdam brought together a dozen people, ranging in age from 19 -- um, I mean 21 -- to 41, and we all got drunk and had a great time. If you’d really like to test your palate with a nice pour of straight gin, we suggest looking for bottlings infused with the botanicals that you already enjoy on a regular basis. Pot Distilling: For pot distillation, neutral grain spirit is made in a pot still. It is presented in a bottle that features the Empire State Building (New Amsterdam being the original name for New York City). Barrel-Aged: In the 18th century, distillers often transported gin in barrels, accidentally barrel-aging it in the process. I'm a snob when it comes to making a martini, but not regarding the actual gin being used. New Wave. Despite the name, London Dry gins don’t have to be made in London. New Amsterdam Stratusphere Gin is a new release from E. & J. Gallo Winery, makers of New Amsterdam Gin. New American/New Western: There’s no definitive requirements or any legal standards associated with New American gin, but the term commonly refers to modern gins that use much less juniper than the London Dry style. England: If you’ve only ever had one gin in your life, there’s a strong chance it came from England. Description Additional information Detaile Description Coming Soon- Feel Fre … If you like a little spice and are into an exotic edge, grab a bottle of Junipero or Berkshire Mountain Greylock Gin. It can be clear, but is sometimes aged, which imparts a warm copper color. The corresponding spike in demand for domestic spirits, along with new laws that said almost anyone could make the stuff (provided they bought their grain from William’s buddies), resulted in the ugly birth of one of the world’s most refined drinking cultures. New Amsterdam Gin is made by E & J Gallo Winery in Modesto, California and was first released in June 2008. “Modern gin manufacturers, particularly the cheaper brands, don’t flavor with any actual natural flavorings at all. Why they changed it, I can’t say. Also has been referred to as "Contemporary", "New Western", "New Wave", and "New American". Our Story Our Gins Cocktails Where To Buy; GIN ELEVATED TO NEW HEIGHTS. New Amsterdam Vodka Review By PotatoJoe. Maybe they like it better that way. There are no real elements that bind this group together other that the fact that they are all new flavors of gin. This high-proof gin was the spirit of choice for the British Royal Navy in the early 19th century. Fitzgerald’s favorite way to drink it was in a Gin Rickey, a drink that appears in his novel. Martini: This clean, mean and pristine classic cocktail is the ultimate way to experience gin’s host of nuanced flavors. With a unique, more pronounced citrus flavor than any other gin. Please note that MSRP may have changed since the date of our review. Long-time gin consumers and new discoverers of the classic spirit alike have a modern new gin option with a taste so smooth you can drink it straight — New Amsterdam Straight Gin. 94 • Pieropan 2016 Soave Classico 12% (Italy) $20.99.