Viasat had an opportunity to sit down with Ron Dukat, Viasat-2 program director at Boeing, to ask five questions about the Company’s partnership with Viasat, features of the Viasat-2 satellite and future endeavors. Periods of scheduled maintenance, or work to enact a change requested by Customer where Xplornet has provided advance notice of such period. USE OF XPLORNET SERVICES – Customer agrees that it will receive and use the Xplornet Services only in accordance with and for the purposes specified in this Agreement, Xplornet’s Acceptable Use Policy, and, where applicable, that it will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that its clients only use the Xplornet Services in accordance with and for the purposes specified in this Agreement. Please keep an eye on this blog for any updates. Was schildern Personen, die Home maintenance schedule ausprobiert haben? Field service scheduler Xplornet Communications. II. Xplornet may modify, reconfigure, change or replace the Equipment at any time, as it considers necessary or desirable. In earlier releases, the scheduler for objects and attributes was external to the sync engine. The Coldest Ride started on February 04, and was scheduled to finish on February 10. permit any degradation of the environmental or operating conditions under which the Equipment is to operate, from those conditions in effect at time of installation. The scale set is automatically deployed across UDs, like VMs in an availability set. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. Welche Kauffaktoren es vorm Bestellen Ihres Home maintenance schedule zu beurteilen gibt. Frequently Asked Questions. Home maintenance schedule - Die qualitativsten Home maintenance schedule unter die Lupe genommen! Residents who contact Xplornet can request a follow-up from the company once service is available in their area. Xplornet will use reasonable commercial efforts to assure a reasonable level of security for its network, however it provides no warranties, makes no representations, and accepts no liability for the unauthorised or illegal access or interference with the Customer’s network unless such access or interference is caused by the intentional unlawful acts of Xplornet, its agents or employees. 6. 2.1    Site Accommodation – Customer will at its expense provide all necessary electrical and other utility connections and services, air conditioning equipment and other preparations and alterations to the Site(s) reasonably required by Xplornet to install and maintain the Equipment. 3.6    Temporary Suspension – The Customer agrees that it may be necessary for Xplornet to temporarily suspend the Xplornet Services for technical reasons or to maintain the Xplornet network, the Equipment or any other facilities (including, without limitation, as described in Section 3.7 below). All dollar amounts on invoices shall be in Canadian currency. 8.1    Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Xplornet warrants that where the Equipment is used for the purposes for which it was designed, constructed and installed and, in accordance with user manuals for the Equipment, Customer’s purposes as stated in the Schedule(s) and Xplornet’s instructions provided to Customer from time to time that it will conform to Xplornet’s specifications for such Equipment provided however that this limited warranty will not apply to any error or interruption caused by any event, circumstance or development which is outside of the reasonable control of Xplornet or as a result of scheduled operational or maintenance down time for which Xplornet has provided Customer advance notice. Get email notifications whenever TeleSign System Status, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Get text message notifications whenever TeleSign System Status, Message and data rates may apply. Important. Outage time for each trouble ticket begins when Customer reports the trouble and releases the affected components to Xplornet and ends when Xplornet informs the Customer that the problem has been resolved and the components are available to the Customer for use. 12.2   Notwithstanding anything contained in these General Terms and Conditions of Services or this Agreement, in no event will either Xplornet, any supplier of services to Xplornet or any landlord or licensor of Xplornet where Xplornet equipment or facilities are located, be liable in any manner or upon any basis to Customer for any loss or damages, whether direct or indirect, incidental, special or consequential, resulting from an interruption in the Services provided by Xplornet to the Customer, caused by or attributable to directly or indirectly, fire or other perils or factors beyond the reasonable control of Xplornet and any of its suppliers, landlords or licensors. For Customers subscribing to Xplornet services in Alberta who terminate this Schedule or this Agreement prior to the expiry of the contracted service term or if Xplornet terminates this Agreement pursuant to paragraph VI of the Master Agreement, Customer will be liable to pay to Xplornet, in addition to all charges owing, an amount equal to 50% of the Monthly Recurring Charge (“MRC”) for each of the months remaining in the Initial Term. SCHEDULE A – SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA). Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. At the left panel, click Scheduled . 4.2    Software – Where any of the Xplornet Services or the Equipment contains computer programming or software (the “Resident Software“), Xplornet hereby grants to Customer and the Customer’s clients a non-exclusive, non-transferable royalty-free licence to use during the term of this Agreement the Resident Software for the sole purpose of enabling Customer and the Customer’s client to obtain the Xplornet Services. Von desem Tutorial erfahren Sie, wie man den Fehler “Aufgrund von geplanten Wartungsarbeiten kurzzeitig nicht verfügbar.Überprüfen Sie die Website in eine Minute” (Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. How low is low? In addition to this amount payable to Xplornet, the Customer understands and agrees to pay to Xplornet the additional fees for recovery of construction costs based on the difference between actual costs incurred less installation costs paid by Customer and calculated as follows: Termination less than 12 months = 100% of cost Termination between 13 and 24 months = 75% of cost Termination between 25 and 36 months = 50% of cost. 11. Xplornet will provide two (2) Business days advance notice to the Customer regarding any scheduled maintenance. 1 Syntax 2 Arguments 3 Result 4 Output 5 Notes 6 History Java Edition schedule function